NU-Legynds Offers Business Solutions that cover your technology needs

With server hardware prices rapidly declining and business assets becoming increasingly digital, small business customers need servers more than ever. Now, there is a new server solution designed for the small business work smarter, with fewer resources.

Some of our Solutions

 It is the easy way for small business customers to get the power of the Windows Servers Operating System plus server based solutions for e-mail, fax, database, and secure, shared Internet access- integrated, simplified solution at an affordable price.

  • Networking
  • Network security
  • Application development
  • Groupware
  • Automatically protect your business information by backing up your data, instantly restoring lost data, and secure your network.
  • Work smarter and faster and get 20% more done each day. Your employees will have the ability to find, share, communicate, and remotely access information.
  • Reach more of your own customers and serve them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Host your own e-mail, establish a Web presence, and connect using instant messaging.
  • With your small business solutions you can focus on your business and not your technology.
  • Secure and dependable business technology is critical to your success when under pressure to deliver promises of consistent value and satisfaction.